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The Quest marker, from First Endeavor Paintball, was spawned around similar 03/04 timeframe as the current Shocker SFT markers. It features a reasonably simplistic design combined with some tried-and-tested methods for support features (detents, eyes, trigger, etc). The marker isn't considered super-modern like some products developed in 2007-2008, but can still hold its own, just as a Shocker can.

FEP Quest

I will be adding various pieces of tech information to this section as it drifts by. In the meantime view these page:
Disassembly pictures
Quest manual (revision 1.6)

Manifold cutaway
Member Gen was good enough to produce this diagram, alongside with his Quest animation.

If you're interested in an upgraded firing assembly, you may wish to check out the 4B bolt kit from Thin Air Sports.
Information on how the 4B bolt was designed and developed can be found here.

Below is a diagram of the 4B firing assembly. Its o-rings are the same as the factory bolts, with the obvious addition of the forward and rearward bumers.