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This section of the site facilitates the downloading of paintball-related CAD files, both used on this site and submitted by others.
These files are intended for personal use only; including education, visuals, design modification, and other uses. If you want to learn then I recommend making your own measurements and files. These files are designed to show viewpoints from other people, as well as provide assorted measurements that you may not be able to obtain or draw correctly in your own models.

1. The files available on these pages are not official documents unless specifically mentioned. Any official files were legally obtained and were made public for personal use by the original owners. No copyrighted files are available here, unless they've been released to the public.
2. These files are designed for personal use only. No liability is placed on any situation involving the use of these files.
3. It's virtually impossible to create a backwards-engineered model with 100% accuracy without the original specifications, so there will always be a small level of inaccuracy in some spots. Some dimensions may be incorrect, assumed, extrapolated, or otherwise not perfectly accurate. As a result, the authors assume no responsibility for any problems that may occur due to incorrect measurements.
This[above] is a big one. It's the main reason companies don't release files for public use. See notes below.
4. Files are subject to change without notice. Additions, corrections, and other changes will be patched onto the filepost pages as they come to me. I will try to place a date on updates.

Current statistics:

Total number of files available: 481
Total drive space: 228.6 megabytes

Marker files:
AGD Automag
AirStar Nova series
AKALMP Excalibur
Bob Long Intimidator
CCI Phantom
DLX Luxe
Dye DM3
Eclipse Ego
Eclipse Etek
Empire Axe classic
Empire/Invert Mini classic
FEP Quest
ICD Bushmaster
ICD Freestyle
J4 Torque

Protomatrix Rail
Kingman Spyder
SP Impulse
SP Ion
SP Nerve
SP Shocker SFT
SP Shocker NXT
SP Num-Shocker
SP Shocker Sport
Tippmann markers
WDP Angel
BT TM series
WGP Autococker
Regulator files:
Vertical regulators
Tank regulators
See: Eclipse Ego
Universal files:
Generic files

- Submissions: If you have a file you'd like to have posted, e-mail me along with your contact information (name, e-mail) and any details for the part(s) being submitted. The CAD file format is irrelevant; I will post any models, pictures, printes, or anything else you may have.
- To view the compressed archives (.ZIP, .RAR, others) I suggest downloading the program 7-Zip.
- On the topic of CAD file imperfections and inaccuracies (disclaimer above), this probably isn't too important unless you're trying to actually produce an ultra-precision part for use with some item listed here. I'm required to make note of the inaccuracies to cover all the bases; while it's true that there are bound to be some inaccurate measurements, in many cases these are features of the part that are inaccurate from the start. Many features and cuts on a machined component are considered "non-critical" and may vary from part to part, or batch to batch. Only the functional aspects are scrutenized. If you're really worried about the accuracy then I suggest downloading the file and verifying the measurements with your own measurement tools.
- The term demo in the filename is used to describe a part that isn't totally accurate in some noticeable way. This could mean a few things: the entire model was just made without measuring, or perhaps the part is something that flexes through regular use (like a spring or rubber component). These items can be measured, but their shape will change under use. Typically the term demo signifies the part isn't dimensionally important in the first place.
- Most part files don't come with a material specified.

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