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This page contains an index for all the information I have on the Shocker NXT. Information for the previous Shocker models (Shocker SFT, 2003-2006) can be found on the Shocker SFT tech page.
Some information on this page links to Shocker SFT and/or Nerve; these pages are marked by an asterisk *.
Information is divided up into five parts, as listed below.
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Tech toolbox

Shocker NXT Frequently asked questions

Parts of a Shocker: (technical information, theory, upgrades, etc)
Section 1: Body
Vertical adapter
Firing assembly*
Firing assembly design & theory*
Breech section (detents, SFT o-ring, barrel, etc)
Solenoid inserts / body set screws*
Section 2: Frame
Powerswitch actuator & frame/body reassembly*
Lower circuit board*
Section 3: Solenoid
Solenoid (solenoid, types, manifold, spacer screws)*
Upper circuit board & Vision system
Section 4: Regulators, ASA, and air source

Private Label Shocker NXT Guide

Nummech Shocker Bodies
Nummech Shocker Shocker Design & Changes

General equipment tech (back to tech mainpage)

Adjusting and Maintaining
Section 1: Adjustment
Trigger adjustment
Setting Electronics and Pressure*
Setting NDZ adjustable bolt guide*
Spring bolt mod*
Section 2: Maintenance
Regular maintenance / bolt kit*
Infrequent maintenance* (SFT o-ring, solenoid inserts, etc)

Troubleshooting and Repair
Section 1: Shooting/leaking problems
General shooting/leaking problems*
Solenoid manifold leaking problems*
Section 2: Electronics problems
General electronics problems (solenoid, LED, trigger, battery, etc)*
Vision malfunction
How to repair a broken powerswitch*
Grip screw damage information*
How to repair grip screw damage*