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I receive an average of several hundred e-mails each week pertaining to various paintball tech questions, including some interesting first-hand experiences from many other people. Some of my more interesting and/or useful e-mails can be found on these pages for all to read.

Chain e-mails are arranged in chronological order. Each e-mail is reproduced in full, however some details have been shortened (names, etc). Additionally, I remove many instances of me self-advertising, to help maintain a technical unbias.
These pages currently contain e-mails from 2008-2009. I will add the 2010 messages when we reach the end of this year. Please note that some e-mails might fit into more than one category.

Shocker SFT/NXT tech
Ion tech
Shocker Sport tech
Miscellany - various markers, regulators, and other issues.
Solenoids & electronics
Custom projects
Machining and CAD - Milling, turning, dremeling, filing, toothpicking, CAD, CAM, CAE.

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