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Luxes are a unique marker released in 2008. They offer a very refined shooting platform that has stood up to the present day in terms of features and performance. The unique speaker system is the most notable feature on the marker.


This section of the site wouldn't exist if not for Punishers Paintball Supply, who sent in a marker for testing and evaluation. Punishers is one of the main DLX retailers and is my personal retail choice due to their prices and pricematch guarantees, and superior customer service.

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Luxe complete disassembly pictures
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Luxe manual v1.0

Luxe firing assembly o-ring diagram
Luxe firing assembly o-ring diagram


Luxes were designed by the same engineer behind several other Smart Parts markers (notably the Shocker SFT/NXT, Ion, Nerve, and other equipment of the era). The markers were produced by Smart Parts' internal manufacturing operation but were then sold under a separate company called DLX, which was owned by a former SP sales manager. Luxes continued to be sold throughout the market until 2009 when SP went out of business and converted into GOG Paintball. When this happened the manufacturing facility was liquidated so there was no longer a way to resupply Luxes for general sale.

The company DLX continued to operate, which was quite a coincidence because they were meant to be an individualized company separate from Smart Parts from the beginning. The original designers of the marker no longer work for neither Smart Parts nor GOG Paintball, so any further work to the marker had to be from scratch. Nevertheless, interest in Luxes continued even though they were no longer sold by retailers, so DLX began to resupply parts in 2010 after locating a new source for manufacturing in the overseas market. This was the birth of the Luxe 1.5 marker, which were essentially the same as original Luxes, though made by a different company. In 2011 some small tweaks were made and the newer iteration called Luxe 2.0 was released, which was also very similar to the previous versions; the biggest changes involved modifications to the eye covers. Luxe 2.0 markers continue to be sold to this day, at the time of this writing.