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Marker Tech:
Luxe Shocker RSX
Nerve Ion
Shocker NXT Shocker SFT
Shocker Sport pVI Shocker
Impulse 09 Impulse
Mini Mini-GS
Axe Axe Pro
Quest King Cobra
Excalibur Fusion
Nova Mayhem

Equipment Reference:
SP manuals & documentation
Regulator maintenance
HPA tank tech
CO2 and HPA Tank Hydrotesting
O-ring chart and information
SP Screws and threads
SP links, forums, online
stores, and manufacturers

Hopper tech - Odyssey Halo
Hopper tech - Draxxus Pulse
Tech videos index
SP barrel reference

Helmet camera videos
Technical videos
Busted parts gallery

CAD tutorials & tips

Tech/Tinkering Articles:
Marker animations
How regulators work
Solenoid Tech
How anti-chop eyes work
Fluid analysis
Barrels and porting
Thread sealant
Gaslines & hoses
Custom electronics installation

ZDS Tech Mailbag (2008-2011)

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