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The Field Rental-Only Gun (FROG) is a mechanical offshoot of the Mayhem, both from the company Paintguns International (PGI). Internally the markers are identical, however FROGs are fired using a mechanical trigger valve rather than an electronic solenoid valve.

The number of FROGs in the wild is unknown. The markers are very rare since they were presumably sold direct to playfields. Myself I bought a FROG pair in 2012 after buying them from classic marker curator, who came into possession of them in broken and dilapidated condition. I fixed the markers up and took pictures along the way (below).

Here is a brief list of common parts:
ACI bottomline regulator (used on PGI Mayhem, AirStar SuperNova)
ACI grip frame used on AirStar SuperNovas and DarkStar Novas.
Clippard firing valve: HV-HTV series
Barrel threads: M22x1.5mm (Spyder)
Feedneck threads: 13/16-32 (same as used by SP, DLX, KEE, PMI, ICD, etc)

FROG wide picture
FROG wide picture
FROG frame screws removed, body separated

Body Internals:

FROG body separated
FROG bolt and dump valve poppet removed

FROG firing valve removed
FROG firing valve hose cover separated


FROG trigger valve actuator view
FROG trigger and actuator removed
FROG grip frame screws removed
FROG Clippard firing valve removed

FROG ACI regulator separated