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Crossovers represent Tippmann's major venture into the tournament side of the market. It's one of the only Tippmann markers that isn't specifically meant to be mil-sim in nature, instead it uses a billet-machined and anodized body to hold a smaller version of the Flexvalve firing system found in the X7 Phenom marker. Crossovers use a molded polymer frame to keep weight down but otherwise represent any typical mid/high range marker out there in performance and features.

Disassembly pictures

The marker's truly unique selling point is the ability to switch between electronic and mechanical firing mode on-the-fly. There has only been one marker to offer this feature in the past, which is the E-Mag and X-Mag series of markers which were discontinued many years ago. It should also be mentioned that Crossovers use a firing assembly not reliant on a mechanical sear; rather a small trigger valve is used to fire the marker, so the mechanical firing mode uses a very lightweight trigger pull. This feature is a definite throwback to classic semiauto markers of the past, and offers a change of pace not available from other markers.