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Over the years I've spent more time playing in the workshop than anywhere else. Sometimes it's small modifications here and there; other times I'm building an entirely new marker from scratch. This section of the website is here to collect development information on some of the customized projects I've worked in the past.

If you don't already know of me by reputation, you may know me already from my paintball products designed through Nummech's product line. Nummech was originally created to support and distribute unique upgrades seen on this page. Not everything goes all the way to becomming a Nummech accessory, but many do. I once operated on a contractual basis and have created many items featured by assorted companies between 2005-2009.

Some of the pages below only serve to act as a gallery of pictures, but other pages are meant to be instructional in nature. Much of the technical details and explaniations aren't included for simplicity, but I'm always able to directly answer any questions you may have.
The pages are divided up into categories based on the purpose of the task, and further organized into the approximate difficulty (from most easy/quick to more advanced/complex). This ranges from relatively simple modifications of existing parts, all the way up to design and fabrication of entirely new items.

There's a LOT of projects found here. I started my business in 2004, working out of my basement with a hand drill and soldering iron. Currently, a decade later, that very same business has grown to the point where I now coordinate a full-scale manufacturing company with state-of-the-art production equipment and retail accessories sold all over the world. These Custom Work pages detail the growth of my skills as I became an expert at my favorite hobby, which is also my job and pastime. You can do it too.

Modifications to existing parts:
Many of these modifications were done using hand tools:
Trigger mods for mainly Shocker/Nerve
FROG breech reaming
Frame retrofit for Shocker Sport
Barrel mods
Filter mod for Shoebox compressor
Angel hammer lightening mod
Custom bolts & modifications for various markers
Regulator retrofit for Invert Mini
Shocker NXT vertical adapter retrofit for Shocker SFT
Ion LPR mod
pneuVentures solenoid mods
Shocker Sport LPR mod
Shocker ULP bolt guide mod
Ramrod Freak front modification
Shocker SFT eye milling
Shocker SFT beam-break eye covers 2009
Shocker SFT beam-break eye covers 2014

Scratch-built components:
Plexiglass triggers for Shocker Sport / Impulse
Invert Mini snatchgrips
Shocker Sport vertical adapter
Camera case
Feedneck boss adapters
Contour camera mask mount
Contour camera barrel mount
Freak XL insert adapters
Gas-thru drop forwards for assorted markers
Eclipse T-rail drop forward
Tippmann X7 Phenom shutoff ASA adapter
Invert Mini foregrip extenders
AxePro foregrip extender
AxePro trigger guard
AxePro single trigger
Invert Mini horizontal foregrip
Mini/Axe fatgrip
Stanley Cup foregrip
Relay regulator disassembly tool

Heavy modifications and redesigns based on existing parts:
Shocker SFT bolt assembly mods
Ion bolt assembly mods
Balanced poppet valve modifications for hammer/valve markers
Mechanical Ion conversion
SuperIon: creation
SuperIon: impressions
Electropneumag conversion for Automag
P90 mil-sim Ion
RoboIon automated sentry
Visible Shocker

Scratch-built assemblines and advanced components:
Quest upgrade bolt (aka. 4B bolt)
GnB Underbore barrel kit
Mini VL upgrade grip frame
Axe VL upgrade grip frame
Mini-GS VLX grip frame
Shocker Pie frame v6 (2009)
Shocker Pie frame v8 (2014)
Shocker SFT/NXT low pressure bolt guides
Custom retrofit: Husher conversion for Impulse
Spectre conversion for Shocker Sport
Shocker unmilled body blanks
N-Mag grip frame
Axe unmilled body blanks
AxePro unmilled body blanks
N-Mag unmilled body blanks

New cosmetic designs: (scratch-built)
Tube body milling cosmetics graft
Fire Shocker body milling cosmetics graft
Fireaxe and Pro Fireaxe body milling cosmetics graft
Tiger Shocker
Quasar Shocker
Swift AxePro
Edge body milling cosmetics graft
Necro/Spinal Shocker
Reptile Shocker

Cosmetic modifications to existing parts:
Angel Minireg milling
Shocker SFT bolt guide milling
Shocker SFT milling
Nerve milling (concepts only)
Shocker Sport milling
Ion milling (concepts only)
Axe component milling (bolt endcap / ASA)
LED modifications and relocations
Laser eye mods
Shocker SFT bolt guide LED
Shocker Sport switch relocations
I-LEB beam-break converter for Shocker SFTs
Electronics retrofit (Morlock, Predator, etc)
Euclid upgrade board for Shocker/Nerve
Heron upgrade board for Shocker Sport
Proclus multi-purpose board

Advanced multi-Component design projects:
Culex marker prototype
Zealot introduction
Zealot v1.19 marker prototype
Zealot v2.28 marker prototype
Zealot v3.51 marker prototype
Ruby marker prototype
Icebreaker T-shirt launcher
Sapient marker prototype
Sapient rapid prototype
Prototype loaders
Prototype regulators
Conceptual markers:
Axon concept
Hatch concept
Thumper concept

If these pages are of interest to you, you will likely enjoy my Manufacturing in Paintball articles. I turned my interest in manufacturing into a general machining business using paintball as a stepping stone. To that end I've collected as much information, pictures, and videos available to show the same cool stuff from other companies!