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The trigger is adjusted by changing the relative position of the trigger switch to the trigger. The below trigger shows the side view of the grip frame assembly.

Trigger Adjustment

The trigger is adjusted by loosening the fastening screw and adjusting the screw items. The fastening screw is threaded into the frame; the adjustment screw is held but a nut on the opposite side of the body. Both screws need to be loosened by counterclockwise rotation. The switch is then adjusted by moving the adjustment screw forward or back within the slotted portion of the housing. Moving the switch back will shorten the stroke of the trigger and result in a more sensitive trigger. Moving the adjustment screw forward will lengthen the stroke of the trigger.

The length of the stroke of the trigger should be set to accommodate the preference of the player. When adjusting, the trigger engagement of the switch is indicated by a light clicking sound when the trigger is pulled and released. This adjustment is very sensitive; in the fully rear position, the adjustment is very sensitive to ensure that you have full engagement and disengagement of the microswitch. This adjustment is dependant upon loosening the adjustment screws only enough to move the head of the screw within the slot and not loose enough to move with a finger. Both the adjusment screw and fastening screw should be firmly tightened after adjustment.