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Using an allen wrench, unscrew the two grip frame screws and seperate the body from the frame. They are interconnected by three electrical leads. Don't seperate the two too far from each other unless you seperate the wire leads.

When reinstalling the body and frame, first reconnect the black and red leads to the soleniods. The leads are also numbered 1 or 2, corresponding to the front and rear soleniod respectively. There is no need to match the colors as the polarity of the soleniods is neutral.

The third lead is the green/red power cable, and should be reconnected to the opposing cable on the body. Unlike the soleniod leads, the polarity of this does matter, and you must connect red to red and green to green.

Yellow wires connect both the trigger microswitch and the remote trigger jack to the board. Polarity on either of these does not matter either.

Wire Leads