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The SuperNova was the second major version of the Nova series. The differences were that it used a slightly different firing assembly (same principals, but different o-rings), available in vertical feed, shorter barrel shroud, and the regulator was moved to the bottomline. The bodies were the same size as the older Nova 700's, but the rear was turned into a massive expansion chamber for CO2 use (the rear chamber of the body was filled with an amount of aluminum bearings to add surface area).
The markers used the same articulating barrel design and integrated three-way trigger valve.

In this picture you can see the aluminum bearings above the body. This was coined dicer technology and involved all the individual bearings adding to the total surface area of the pressure chamber. If CO2 was used, this would help convert it to as gaseous as possible before firing. This air chamber was surrounded on two sides by components with o-rings around them to seal.

The new firing assembly rotated around some of the o-rings to different locations.

SuperNova o-rings:
Spool valve (3 o-rings):
Main dump chamber seal o-ring (o-ring on long end of spool): 108/70
Spool sail (largest dia o-ring): 115/70
Spool input seal (rear o-ring on spool): 12/70

Spool valve housing (3 spool o-rings):
Outside o-rings (3): 222/70
Spool endcap seal: 117/70
Spool seal inside o-rings (2): 112/70

Breech housing outside o-rings (2): 222/70