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AirStar gave notice on September 5, 1999, that it is recalling approximately 200 NOVA 700's because of a possible o-ring problem on a new regulator design that can over pressurize the marker and cause injury to the operator. The serial numbers in question start at 991 1500 thru 991 1787.

"We had one regulator blow out the back of the marker. The person (not a player) was not seriously injured and we do not know the complete circumstances surrounding the incident but safety is our 100% priority and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," says Bruce Gillette from AirStar. "The potential injury situation is totally nullified if the sight rail screw is on the marker, but because of instructions on attaching the sight rail we had to take immediate action. Even one injury is not acceptable. We are also asking all dealers who have sold NOVA 700's to inform their customers that the sight rail screw should always be in the marker for maximum safety."

Gillette continues, "Under normal operating circumstances we are operating at a 27 to 1 safety factor, unheard of in any industry. According to our calculations every conceivable condition must go wrong at the same time for this to happen-a leaking o-ring, a stuck relief valve, bottle pressure over 1000 PSI and no sight rail screw. Had the sight rail screw been installed this would never have happened, but it did and corrective action and instructions will be made."

Some NOVA 700's that have been sent in for repair also have the new regulators in them. The new regulator can be easily identified in the marker by: No gas on marker. remove snap ring, cap, washer, spring, and piston from the regulator. Do not remove the brass screw or pin in the brass screw. If you can see a hole on the bottom next to the brass screw, that is the old regulator and is fine. A hole in the side wall is the new regulator. (It is hard to see).

The SuperNova and SuperNova ET are not affected by this recall. AirStar is asking owners and dealers to check the regulators before sending them in. The markers should be sent to: AirStar, 23211 Del Lago Dr. #B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653; phone 949.855.3278.