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Multiple tech videos are posted all over this website, under various maintenance and disassembly pages. This page can be used to locate specific videos individually, or if you wish to search for similar videos from this site.

These videos are availalbe in a link format that you can save onto your computer. Some streaming videos can also be found on youtube.

Each video is accompanied by a "parent link" which shows which page(s) of the website contains the main link to the clip. These pages can often be used for text-based instructions on the task at hand.


Shocker SFT & Nerve:
Video description: Download versions: Parent link:
SFT frame removal High-res (24-mb)
Low-res (10-mb)
Parts: frame/body reassembly
SFT lower board removal Low-res (1.1-mb) Parts: lower circuit board
SFT solenoid manifold removal/reinstallation High-res (13-mb)
Low-res (5.5-mb)
Parts: solenoid
Parker solenoid maintenance High-res (25-mb)
Low-res (11.1-mb)
Parker solenoid maintenance
Humphrey solenoid maintenance High-res (30-mb)
Medium-res (13-mb)
Low-res (4.5-mb)
Humphrey solenoid maintenance
Powerswitch repair demo High-res (23-mb)
Medium-res (9-mb)
Low-res (4.7-mb)
Powerswitch repair instructions
Powerswitch repair (alternate) High-res (6-mb)
Low-res (2.6-mb)
Powerswitch repair instructions
Shocker SFT:
Shocker solenoid insert maintenance High-res (16-mb)
Low-res (6.8-mb)
Shocker parts: solenoid inserts
Shocker old-style bolt bumper install High-res (16-mb)
Low-res (6.2-mb)
Shocker parts: firing assembly
Shocker regular maintenance (HE bolt)
Applies to many other bolts.
High-res (49-mb)
Medium-res (21-mb)
Low-res (6.3-mb)
Shocker regular (bolt) maintenance
Shocker NXT eye install High-res (51-mb)
Low-res (19-mb)
Shocker parts: upper board & Vision
Nerve bolt quickstrip & Cleaning Low-res (16-mb) Nerve regular maintenance
Nerve LPR maintenance Low-res (58-mb) Nerve regular maintenance
Nerve hammer piston maintenance High-res (44-mb)
Medium-res (19-mb)
Low-res (6.3-mb)
Nerve infrequent (piston) maintenance
Shocker Sport:
Shocker Sport regular maintenance High-res (20-mb)
Low-res (5.6-mb)
Shocker Sport regular maintenance
Shocker Sport complete maintenance High-res (51-mb)
Low-res (5.4-mb)
Shocker Sport infrequent maintenance
Shocker Sport disassembly High-res (31-mb)
Low-res (5.5-mb)
Shocker parts: solenoids
Shocker parts: frame/circuit housing
Invert Mini:
Mini general maintenance High-res (17-mb)
Low-res (7.7-mb)
Mini complete disassembly
Mini complete disassembly High-res (53-mb)
Medium-res (24-mb)
Mini complete disassembly


Bottomline regulators:
Video description: Download versions: Parent link:
Max-Flo manifold maintenance High-res (33-mb)
Medium-res (14.7-mb)
Max-Flo manifold maintenance
Max-Flo Inline maintenance High-res (32-mb)
Medium-res (14.3-mb)
Max-Flo Inline maintenance
Max-Flo Micro maintenance High-res (21-mb)
Low-res (9.7-mb)
Max-Flo Micro maintenance
Smartvalve on/off maintenance High-res (13-mb)
Low-res (5.8-mb)
Bottomline reg maintenance pages
Vertical regulators:
SFT vertical Max-Flo maintenance High-res (14-mb)
Low-res (5.5-mb)
SFT vertical Max-Flo maintenance
Ion/NXT reg maintenance High-res (28-mb)
Medium-res (12-mb)
Low-res (4.6-mb)
Ion/NXT reg maintenance

Electronics Adjustment Videos:

Shocker SFT & Nerve:
Video description: Download versions: Parent link:
Nerve board adjustments High-res (16-mb)
Low-res (7-mb)
Nerve adjustment
NXT Nerve adjustment
Nerve board NXT eye sense Low-res (0.5-mb) NXT Nerve adjustment
Predator SFT adjustment
(Doesn't include 10.0 profiles)
Low-res (1.4-mb) Predator SFT board pages
Virtue Shocker/Nerve adjustment Low-res (0.9-mb) Shocker/Nerve Virtue adjustment
NoX Shocker/Nerve Unleashed adjustment Low-res (1.14-mb) NoX Unleashed adjustment
Blackheart Shocker/Nerve adjustment Low-res (1.8-mb) Blackheart adjustment
Blackheart NXT adjustment
Tadao Shocker/Nerve adjustments Tadao original (1.1-mb)
Tadao M3 (1.5-mb)
Tadao M5 (1.3-mb)
Tadao M6.1 (1.7-mb)
Tadao Shocker/Nerve board pages
Ion stock board adjustments Dwell adjustment (1.6-mb)
Fire mode adjustment (0.5-mb)
Ion stock board adjustments
Ion Blackheart adjustment Low-res (1.6-mb) Ion Blackheart adjustment
Virtue Ion adjustment Low-res (0.7-mb) Virtue Ion adjustment
Tadao Raider M7 adjustment Low-res (0.8.-mb) Tadao Raider M7 adjustment
Shocker Sport:
LS board adjustment High-res (13-mb)
Low-res (3.7-mb)
LS board adjustment
Multi-Purpose boards:
Morlock "original" board adjustment demo (add-to) (1-mb)
demo (set exactly) (1.1-mb)
Morlock oroginal board adjustment
Predator-Morlock board adjustment (AFA 2.1) Low-res (1-mb) Predator-Morlock board adjustment
Intimidator Equalizer (2004) board adjustment Low-res (1.6-mb) none