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Paintball Industry Links: (sorted alphabetically)

Marker Manufacturers:
Airgun Designs
Dangerous Power
DLX Technology
Dye Paintball
Empire Paintball
GI Sportz Paintball
GOG Paintball formally Smart Parts
Inception Designs
J4 Paintball
Kingman Group
Planet Eclipse
Vanguard Paintball
Shocker Paintball
Tippmann Sports
Valken Paintball
Crossfire Inc
CP Custom Products
Kila products
New Designz
Ninja Paintball
Nummech Products
Orange Paintball
Scenario Dreams
Shoebox Compressor
Tadao Technologies
Trinity Bad Habitz
Virtue Paintball

Online Stores:
Adrenalin Paintball
Air Soldier Products - pneumatic supplies, solenoids, regulators, and other parts.
ANS Gear
Boss Paintball
Bradys Paintball
Compulsive paintball - Evolve continental retailer.
eBay Paintball section - If it's been made, chances are it'll end up here after a while.
Fireball Mountain - anodizing, custom milling and parts.
Gruntbull anodizing
Michigan Paintball Outlet - NDZ retailer - NDZ retailer, other products.
888 Paintball
Also please see the above list of upgrade-manufacturers, since many of them have online stores built into their websites.

r/Paintball subreddit
Custom Cockers
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