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Below are some useful links pertaining to this website or the paintball industry in general. Names are sorted alphabetically. I don't personally endorce all the stores listed here since some of them sell snakeoil, but for the sake of completeness I want to provide a complete list. I'm not legally affiliated with any of these organizations unless specifically noted with an asterisk.
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Marker Manufacturers:
Angel Paintball Sports formally WDP
Airgun Designs
Dangerous Power
DLX Technology
Dye Paintball
J4 Paintball*
Kingman Group
Planet Eclipse
First Endeavor Paintball Sports*
Invert Paintball
GOG Paintball formally Smart Parts
Vanguard Paintball
Tippmann Sports
Valken Paintball
Crossfire Inc - HPA tanks
Custom Products
Inception Designs
Kila products
New Designz
Ninja Paintball - HPA tanks
NoX Paintball
NXe Paintball - packs and harnesses
Nummech Products*
Orange Paintball
Scenario Dreams - electronics
Shoebox Compressor
Sly Products
Tadao Technologies - electronics
Thin Air Sports*
Trinity Bad Habitz
Violent Series
Virtue Paintball formally AdvantagePB - electronics

Online Stores:
Adrenalin Paintball
Air Soldier Products - pneumatic supplies, solenoids, regulators, and other parts.
ANS Gear
Boss Paintball
Bradys Paintball
Compulsive paintball - Evolve continental retailer.
eBay Paintball section - If it's been made, chances are it'll end up here after a while.
Fireball Mountain - anodizing, custom milling and parts.
Gruntbull anodizing
Michigan Paintball Outlet - NDZ retailer - NDZ retailer, other products.
888 Paintball
Also please see the above list of upgrade-manufacturers, since many of them have online stores built into their websites.

r/Paintball subreddit
Custom Cockers - Forum for older markers, collectables, and general tech.
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* An asterisk denotes a compant to which I am legally affiliated. I feel obligated to point this out in case anyone suspects funnybusiness.