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This page is for instructions on how to assemble a functional "Milli-Grid" pigtail. Milli-Grid is the name of the connectors that are used with the following markers. Click on the marker for a picture of the board, where the header can be seen for comparison:
ICD Bushmaster boards (12-pin)
Bob Long Intimidator non-Alias boards (12-pin and 14-pin)
Morlock boards (12-pin)
System-X NME boards (6-pin and 8-pin)
Shocker Sport HSW S-Frame daughterboard (8-pin)

To assemble a functional pigtail, you will first need soldering experience. You can put the pigtail together without soldering, but once it's assembled you'll have to solder the other ends of the wires to the respective part of the gun (solenoid, switch, LED, etc).

Two things are needed to make a pigtail: the proper crimp housing and an assortment of pre-crimped wires. The connector housing is an empty plastic mold that is used to hold the wires together. The pre-crimped wires are inserted into the housing where they will be held securely in place. You can purchase these components from an electronics distributer, or from ZDS electronics store.

Please read these instructions at least once before proceeding with the assembly. You only have one chance at the installation so if you mess it up you'll be in trouble. Ask if you have questions.

Installation of the wires is quick. The pre-crimped wire will slide into the back of the housing and lock into place once fully installed. The bottom of the crimp faces the middle of the connector; the top of the crimp faces the outside.
Crimp orientation

Install the wire into the correct position of the crimp housing. Don't push the crimp in the wrong way or it won't go in.
Correct installation
Incorrect installation

Important! You must check, double check, and triple check that you are inserting the wire into the correct position! Once you lock the crimp into place it can't be removed!
The exact color placement doesn't matter from wire to wire, however you should write down the pin functions and the color you're using so you don't get confused.

Seen below is a sample finished pigtail. Notice that the crimp is visible through the top of the housing.
Correct installation