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Shocker Sports had a few upgraded models available, however the actual term private label wasn't invented until after the Shocker Sport was discontinued.
Obviously, this information serves little practical purpose since these markers are out of production. As a result, this page serves as a records page for the various models.

Base Model Shocker Sport:
The base model Shocker was a right feed, 4x4 board marker with a bottomline Max-Flo. These markers cost $700 plus added accessories or upgrades. In terms of body style, you could choose between an upgraded powerfeed body with air assist or vertical feed body for $100 additional. The default color was black gloss, and an alternate color could be selected for an additional $75 (most were solid gloss colors, however there were a few batches of factory fades made). The circuit board and Max-Flo could be upgraded to higher versions however I don't remember the exact cost for it.
1999 Shocker
Pictured above is a 1999 model Shocker. Later model Shockers can be viewed on the Shocker History page.

Dream Shocker:
This didn't appear visually different from the typical Shocker, however came with many upgraded parts and accessories stock. This Shocker line was available mostly through Smart Parts Europe only, so not many people had heard of the marker even when they were being sold. Essentially these were build-to-order markers that included all your desired parts and upgrades, all anodized together to match, and would be delivered to you. All Dream Shockers came with a vertical feed body along with a Freak barrel (your choice of front length and such). You could also choose for the vertical regulator, SP Blade trigger, drop forward, and other parts. These markers typically cost around $1200 USD, and were sold between 2001-2002.
Dream Shocker

Eclipse Shocker:
This was the only true Custom-milled Shocker available. First available in the year 2000, it was obviously made to be sold by Planet Eclipse. This Shocker included its own milling and special Eclipse upgrades, that would later become mroe popular with other Shocker Sport markers as well. Of them included the vertical Max-Flo mount, Eclipse blade trigger, Eclipse Rokit piston, and oftentimes an Eclipse drop forward. The markers also used an Eclipse push-button powerswitch with LED indicator which was installed onto the rear of the marker (this part was made available for personal upgrades but required drilling the circuit housing prior to install).
Eclipse Shocker
Seen above is an Aurora-plated Eclipse Shocker.

Tiger Shocker:
These markers were similar to the Dream Shocker, however weren't as official since they didn't come through the factory. These markers were available through Diablo Direct (Sweden) and were made from modified/milled Eclipse bodies. These markers also included non-factory upgrades such as the Rekka aluminum bolt tip, KM2 Glacier board with eyes, Angel frame mod, vertical regulator, and an SP barrel.
Tiger Shocker
The origial webpage for this marker can be viewed using the Internet Archive by clicking here.

HSW Superlite Shocker:
These markers were custom milled and anodized by HyperSportWorks. They were distributed in the year 2000 only (HSW commented that they planned on making more in later years, but never ended up doing it). All these markers came with the standard HSW upgrades, such as the S-Frame and HypAir foregrip, all anodized to match. In fact, even the internal components were anodized as well, which were normally just left as black parts on most other Shockers.
These Shocker bodies featured the very unique interceptor milling pattern, and some variations on it later on. This milling involved removing a substancial chunk of material from the rear of the body, reducing the weight while at the same time providing a very noticeable custom look. These markers reportably cost around $1700 on average (depending on parts).
Yellow/purple fade with black splash Black and red marble ano Blue/red fade with PR flag Blue with silver parts All silver parts Blue/purple fade with green splash Black with red acid wash Bue/yellow fade with black splash Pewter gunmetal ano
All photos courtesy HSW, except for the last one which is courtesy Torque.

Planet Shocker:
These were base model 2002 Shockers that were sold using leftover Eclipse-milled bodies. These appeared similar to Eclipse Shockers, except without the signature "Eclipse" jewel on the side of the body, and the Eclipse internals weren't included as well. After the markers were discontinued in late 2002, SP used their remaining stock of Eclipse bodies to put together another approximate 200 guns, and sold them to for clearance. All of these markers were anodized special shades of colors, and all of them used blasted anodizing finish instead of the stock gloss finish.
Planet Shocker
Planet Shocker
Seen above are two Planet Shockers.