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This page compromises maintenance processes that don't need to be performed bery often. The details bary depending on the section of the marker, but needless to say these activities need only happen every 10,000 rounds or so.

Bolt Piston Maintenance:
The bolt piston on a Shocker is a low-maintenance assembly that needs to be disassembled only if necessary. To begin, first remove it from the rear of the Shocker body, by gripping and unscrewing the knurled know at the end.
Bolt removal
The endcap to the bolt piston must first be removed. This is accomplished by unscrewing it with a flathead screwdriver if older, or a 3/16" allen wrench if newer (allen wrench pictured).
Bolt piston endcap removal
Set the endcap aside. You can now use your tools to separate the bolt piston ram from the bolt tip. The head of the piston ram is visible down inside the housing; it'll use a flathead screwdriver if older, or 1/8" allen wrench if newer (allen wrench pictured). To unscrew these components, sticking something through the porting on the bolt tip to hold it in position. You can use needle-nose pliers if you have one of the older bolt tips (siz long lateral ports through the bolt face).
Bolt piston endcap removal
Located between the housing and the bolt tip is a urethane bumper (called the open bumperclose bumper) which sometimes stays inside the piston housing when you remove the piston ram from it. It doesn't matter if it comes out with the ram or not. If either of these two bumpers is/are missing, they'll have to be replaced (standard o-rings can be used if necessary).

Maintenance to the piston ram itself consists of cleaning and regreasing the two o-rings located on it. Clean off all the old grease from the piston ram, then regrease it as shown in the pictures. You shouldn't be afraid to overgrease the ram, since it's better to overgrease it than undergrease it. Grease the two o-rings as well as the thin-diameter section toward the front. The following picture shows one example regreased ram prior to reassembly...
Bolt ram regreasing
After being regreased, insert the piston ram through the back of the housing until it the front shaft portion pokes through the front. Apply a very small amount of loctite to the threads on the end of the ram, then screw the bolt tip back onto it. Be sure you've placed the open bumper back around the front of the piston prior to installing the bolt tip. Additionally, the SP Voodoo bolt tips (used as stock bolts on 2002 Shockers) have an additional metal washer which is placed on the head of the piston ram before the bolt tip itself.
Bolt reassembly
Once the bolt tip is screwed onto the piston ram, reinstall the piston endcap by screwing it down into the back of the housing. Note that there's an o-ring located down in the back of the housing, which seals against the endcap; be sure this is installed.

Fill Poppet Maintenance:
The fill poppet is accessed through the rear of the Shocker body. To remove it, use a 7/8" wrench, socket, or large pair of pliers to grip the outside hex and unscrew it from the body. There will be a flathead screwdriver slot (if older) or 3/16" allen wrench hex slot (if newer) also located in the middle of the fill poppet, however you shouldn't use either of thse to unscrew it. Note, if you're using a socket to remove the fill poppet housing, you must first remove the bolt piston.
Fill poppet removal
After being removed, you can then unscrew the center endcap section and disassemble the rest of the assembly. This is done using a flathead screwdriver if older, or 3/16" allen wrench if newer (allen wrench pictured).
Fill poppet removal
The internals of the fill poppet assembly can then be pushed out the back as well. This consists of a spring, plastic bushing with o-ring, and the poppet itself. All these parts should be cleaned as well as the inside of the poppet housing as well.
Fill poppet components
After the parts are cleaned, reassemble the internals then regrease the bushing's o-ring, slide the internals back into the fill poppet housing, then screw the endcap onto the rear. Put a coat of grease on the fill poppet housing's external o-rings, then screw it back into the Shocker body.

O-ring diagrams:

O-ring diagram

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