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The majority of regular maintenance that must be carried out on a Shocker Sport involves cleaning and regreasing the firing assembly, and the externals of the bolt assembly. It's said that you should service the marker after every day of play, ideally. Personally I agree with this suggestion, becuase not only will this ensure that the marker functions good, but it will also help to make future disasembly easy as well.
When cleaning your equipment, I suggest you have at least two lint-free cloths nearby (or equal substitute). You will use one to clean with and the other to set parts upon. Disposible paper towels, napkins, or other materials can suffice too.
Smart Parts recommends the use of Dow/Corning 33 Shocker Lube with your equipment. Never use any gun oil, or Dow/Corning 55 grease.
Lastly, you must always de-gas any marker before it can be disassembled.

These are the things you'll need for a complete overhaul of your Shocker: assorted allen wrenches (1/8", 5/64", 3/16", 5/32", 3/8"), Dow/Corning 33 Shocker lube (aka. Sleek, Evil Pus, Dye Slick, etc), phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver (1998-2001), Q-tips, 7/8" wrench or ratchet socket (or a pair of pliers, if absolutely necessary), needlenose pliers, cleansing alcohol.
The first step is to remove the Shocker internals so their seals can be accessed. This involves removing the fire piston from the front of the body, using a flathead screwdriver if older, or 3/16" allen wrench if newer (allen wrench pictured). Once the threads disengage, pull the fire piston housing all the way out from the marker body, then tip it up and allow the fill poppet rod to fall out. Set both aside.
Fire piston removal
Unscrew the bolt piston from the rear of the marker body by gripping the knurled knob and usncrewing. Once the threads disengage, pull the bolt straight out from the body.
Bolt removal
The fill poppet can be removed if you wish to fully clean/regrease the marker, however for regular maintenance it's not required to clean the fill poppet assembly.

The first and easiest task is to pull a squeegee through the bolt bore in the Shocker body, to clean it from all debris that may be in there. Looking at the bolt itself, the bolt tip should be able to move freely back and forth without much force being required. You should also clean the bolt tip using your cloth.
Once finished, regrease the three o-rings on the bolt piston, and regrease the o-rings on the bolt tip as well (if your bolt tip has o-rings).
Bolt piston regreasing
If the external three o-rings on the bolt piston are already fairly greased, you don't have to bother regreasing them this time.
Once finished, insert the bolt piston back into the rear of the Shocker body, and screw it down into position.

The fire piston is the main component you need to clean and regrease. Using a pair of needlenose pliers, grip the very front section of the fire piston and pull it out from the housing. When gripping the fire piston with your pliers, be sure to grip only the tip of the o-ring groove, and not the o-ring itself; avoid damaging the o-ring or you'll have to replace it.
Fire piston removal
once removed, you'll be able to access the fire piston's two o-rings. Clean old grease off both of them , then regrease them both. There are another two hidden under the plastic glide ring around the middle of the piston, however you don't have to touch those.
Fire piston regreasing
Once the two external o-rings are regreased, insert the fire piston back into its housing (the end furthest from the glide ring goes in first). Regrease the external seals on the fire piston housing, then it's ready for reinstallation. First be sure to drop the fill poppet ring into the body and let it fall into position within the fill poppet at the other end (the fill poppet will suspend itself straight through the middle of the body). Once the fill poppet rod is in position, reinsert the assembled fire piston into the marker and screw down to secure.

Besides for the regulator, that's all there is to Shocker Sport regular maintenance. Other parts of the marker (fill poppet, solenoids, bolt piston internals) can be maintained if you wish; consult their own pages for those instructions.

O-ring diagrams:

O-ring diagram

Demonstrational Videos:
This video shows disassembly of the fire piston and cleaning of the bolt, which is the majority of regular maintenance.
Shocker regular maintenance, high-res (20-MB)
Shocker regular maintenance, low-res (5.6-MB)
These addendum videos show disassembly of the rest of the internals, which include fill poppet cleaning and a full bolt regreasing.
Shocker complete maintenance, high-res (51-MB)
Shocker complete maintenance, low-res (5.4-MB)
This last set of videos shows disassembly for the rest of the marker, including the frame and circuit housing, solenoids, and such.
Shocker disassembly, high-res (31-MB)
Shocker disassembly, low-res (5.5-MB)

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