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The links below will send you to adjustment guides for each of the drop-in Shocker Sport boards out there. Select your board from this list to view instructions for HOW to adjust the settings. For instructions on WHAT to set the boards at, scroll down view information about the various features.

Board: Type:
Smart Parts DS board
LS board
KM2 Glacier board
If you're unsure which board you have, check the electronics description page.

Bolt and Fire Adjustment:
The two main parameters that need to be adjusted are call the bolt pulse and the fire pulse. These control the on time for the bolt solenoid and fire solenoid respectively. Making the solenoid pulse longer will cause the solenoid to be active for a longer period of time, and vice-versa.
Adjustment of the bolt and fire pulses requires pressurizing the marker and testing it out with paint. To begin, you should write down your current settings so you can revert back to them at a later time if needed. If you're experiencing problems then you may wish to first replace the battery in the marker to ensure the solenoids are firing properly.

Test fire a few shots and notice how the gun is operating. The table below lists the main problems you should try to locate.

Symptom: Problem: Solution:
Double feeding The bolt is staying open too long. Increase bolt solenoid time.
Chopping in the chamber The bolt isn't staying open long enough. Decrease bolt solenoid time.
Blowback in the feedneck The fire piston is staying open too long. Increase fire solenoid time.
Velocity dropoff The fire piston isn't staying open long enough. Decrease fire solenoid time.

One way to check for blowback is to remove the hopper and place your hand over the feedneck to gauge how much air is being lost. A small amount of air is okay, but a large burst is bad.

Bolt Solenoid Pulse Adjustment:
Markers using a gravity fed hopper should use a moderate to slow bolt pulse. This will ensure there's enough time for the next ball to load, since firing short bursts may create short gaps in the feedstack, which can cause chopping if the bolt closes too quickly.
Markers with bolt pistons that are in need of maintenance can benefit from a longer bolt pulse time. This compensates for the bolt taking longer to move and allots more time for the marker to load the next ball.
If you're using a fast hopper such as an eVolution, Halo, Warp feed, or anything around the same speed, you can feel comfortable increasing the bolt pulse to its fastest setting. Fast hoppers shouldn't have any problems ensuring the next ball is loaded, even when the bolt stays open as short as possible.
If you're using a Shocker V-Sport (vertical feed Shocker Sport) you should never experience double feeding unless your detents are malfunctioning. Only side-feed markers need to worry about double feeding.

Fire Pulse Adjustment:
The fire pulse can be used in conjunction with the input pressure to make the marker cycle properly. Higher input pressures tend to require shorter fire pulse times, whereas lower pressures require longer fire pulse times. However, there are working limits to this, so it doesn't always apply to your particular marker.
Fire pistons or 3000 "fire" solenoids that are in need of maintenance may benefit from a longer fire pulse. This compensates for the parts taking longer to move and ensures the full burst of air is delivered to the ball regardless of it.

Rate of Fire Adjustment:
The markers also include an adjustment for the maximum firing speed, in balls-per-second. This can be used to limit your firing speed if you're using a slower hopper and are trying to eliminate feeding problems (dryfiring).

Some boards are equipped with an additional connector on the right side of the board, designed to connect with a VL Revolution hopper using an Intellifeed cable. These were special Revvi boards that allowed the Shocker mainboard to interface with the hopper board to agitate the hopper when the marker fired.
In order for this to work you have to be using the Intellifeed board for the Revvi. These were hard to find back when they were popular (2000) so they're virtually nonexistant nowadays.