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This Shocker has no official name, but the community generally referrs to them as "pre-Cup Strange Shockers". This was supposed to be the first private label Shocker, unveiled during the Paintball World Cup in October 2003. Naturally, these were being used by Team Strange at the event.

The milling style was virtually identical to that of a base model Shocker SFT, except the base model's milled Shocker logos were replaced with Team Strange logos. Additionally, the Strange logo was milled shallow into the outside of the marker body, making this an enclosed-body Shocker with no fire chamber windows.

Technically speaking, these are the first private label Shockers in existance, and also the most rare if strictly counting by the number of markers that were created. The milling was obviously a rush project in order to create a deviation from the base model with minimal effort. However, they were machined by Smart Parts, making them an official PL marker, and an extremely rare design to come from the SP factory. Ironically the actual production Strange Shocker wasn't the first production PL Shocker available; instead the Nasty Shocker and Toxic Shocker were both released before the production Strange Shocker.

The exact number of Pre-Cup Strange Shockers is unknown, although the current estimate is around 10 markers. Originally they were all owned by Team Strange, but many have found their way into the secondhand market over the years.

The factory components found on these pre-Cup Shockers were mostly identical to that of the standard Vision Shocker SFT. These were a fairly early look at the Max-Flo vertical regulator (which was rare at the time). The markers used base model frames and vertical adapters, but used a SP mid-rise Twister feedenck, same as the production Strange Shocker. It appears that all factory anodizing for the pre-Cup Shockers was either red or pewter.

The original promo picture is seen above.

This pewter Pre-Cup Strange Shocker was for sale on ebay.

Picture courtesy inmylife2415 from PBNation's Shocker forum.