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One of the Shocker's advanatges over some other markers is the large number of Private Label versions that are available. A private label Shocker is functionally the same as a base model Shocker, however it is milled differently and also includes any number of smaller performance enhancing parts or upgrades. These are designed to be sold by Smart Parts major teams and retailers; each one comes with different accessories, all of which are listed on each model's page. Private label Shockers are manufacturered by Smart Parts (with one or two exceptions) and are sold by their specific retailers. In some cases the parts for private label markers are available separately, but in most cases they are only available with the rest of the marker.

Other Markers:
Rat Shocker
F-Series Shocker
Nummech Slug-based Shockers

Body weights:
The altered milling style offered by private label Shockers can lead to some interesting changes in the marker's total weight. Listed below is the weight of each Shocker SFT body, from lightest to heaviest. These numbers represent the body mass alone (no internals installed). Thanks to Tyler Putz for gathering the statistics.

Body style:
Grams: Pounds:
G-Max 207 0.456
Toxic 272 0.599
Nasty SFT 274 0.604
Base model SFT 276 0.608
Dynasty 2004-2005 SFT 302 0.666
Hybrid SFT 304 0.670
Strange SFT 310 0.683
Dynasty 06 SFT (production style) 313 0.690
Octane 318 0.701
Dynasty 06 SFT (Waffle style) 320 0.705
Dark (05 style) 332 0.732
Tonton 394 0.869
Smart Parts 1.75" unmilled blank 565 1.245
Nummech 2x2" unmilled blank 986 2.175