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This page describes an offshoot milling pattern used by Smart Parts. The explaniation is somewhat difficult to follow, so here's a timeline of events:

1. In 2005, the original Dynasty Shocker SFT was discontinued after the milling was updated into a new look; featuring a slimmer shape with more intricate milling. This new design was called "06 Dynasty Shocker" and was slated for release in early 2006.
2. An initial batch of markers were produced by Smart Parts, afterward the new design was unviled to the general public. This milling feautred a noticeable "waffle-shaped" milling pattern on the bottom of the body, which was found to be very unpopular by the public at large. The most common criticism was "the body milling looks like a waffle!".
3. Due to the negative outcry, the body cosmetics were altered to remove the waffle feature before any additional batches of Dynasty bodies were machined. The altered milling became the "production version" 06 Dynasty Shockers which were available for sale from major Smart Parts retailers.
4. The remaining markers from the original batch became known as WAFFLE DYNASTY SHOCKERS and were then sold on discount for nearly $100 cheaper than the standard version.
5. In 2007, all Shocker SFT markers were discontinued and replaced with Shocker NXTs. Most of the Waffle Shockers in possession of Dynasty teammembers were sold on the secondhand market where the majority of them fell into possession of the public.

06 Dynasty

The exact number of Waffle Dynasty Shockers is unknown. However, there are fewer of them than any other production-level private label Shocker SFT. As with any discontinued marker, some of these markers are naturally no longer functioning or still in the hands of Dynasty teammembers, so the number of available markers on the market is further limited.