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Bottomline Accessories:
Base model Shockers come with a screw-in on/off tank adapter (Smartvalve) along with the Smart Parts Angle drop forward rail.
Angle drop

Smartvalve ASA:
The Smartvalve is an on/off ASA adapter for your CO2 or screw-in HPA tank. The built-in shutoff will function with little to no maintenance over a very long period of time. The Smartvalve will function with any standard rail mount, should you wish to swap out the stock one.
The bottomline Smartvalve is designed to be used in conjunction with your screw-in tank at all times. This means, ideally, you should screw your HPA tank onto the valve while empty, then fill the tank while it's mounted to the gun. You can easily remove the tank while it's empty, if you need ot swap to a different gun.
The on and off positions aren't marked. The exact position depends on which side of the housing that the valve knob is accessible on. The old-style Smartvalve has the knob on the right; new-style (current) Smartvalve has the konb on the left.
Smartvalve Smartvalve
You may wish to mark one of the positions on your valve, if you have trouble remembering.
Warning When filling the tank while mounted to the Smartvalve, always be sure the valve is in the off position.
Tech Smartvalve disassembly can be found under the Regulator Maintenance section (refer to the Related Links). O-ring diagrams can be found there as well.

Angle Drop:
Base model Shockers come with this 15 angled drop forward. This drop will function with any two-hole mounted frame, and accepts any dovetail rail or two-hole mount ASA's to the bottom.
Use a 3/32" allen wrench to adjust the dovetail mount set screw, though the hole in this diagram:
Angle drop
When mounting an ASA to the Angle drop, use standard 10-32 bottomline screws.

Ultimate Shockers:
Ultimate package Shockers come with a high-pressure bottomline Max-Flo tank/reg system as well as a vertical regulator. Refer to the Pressure & Dwell Setting page for information on how to set the reg.
Currently Shockers come with the Micro Max-Flo Preset system, which isn't adjustable (so don't worry about it). Previously, markers came with Max-Flo MF-I systems. In 2003 and early 2004, markers came with a low-pressure manifold Max-Flo system with a gas-thru grip. Refer to the section on vertical adapters for gas-thru info.

Vertical Regulator:
Incoming pressure from the air source leads into the vertical Max-Flo reg, stock on all Shockers.
Vertical reg
The vertical reg is used to adjust the velocity of the shots. Adjustment of the reg is accomplished by using a 3/16" allen wrench to screw the brass endcap in or out (the yellow/gold colored piece in the bottom). Screwing the endcap in will increase pressure/velocity; screwing the endcap out will decrease pressure/velocity. Refer to the Setting Electronics and Pressure page for some details on where you want to set pressure.
Warning The older versions of the regulator housing included a lock screw for the adjustment endcap (toward the bottom of the reg, on the side of the housing somewhere). If your regulator housing has this screw, you must loosen it prior to adjustment, or you will grind the endcap and fill the reg with brass metal shvings, which will lead to pressure spikes and other severe problems. This screw was found to be unnecessary and was thus removed from production models in 2004, but if you have it then you must be sure to loosen it. In fact, you can take it out if you wish.
Lock screw
Below is an example of what happens if the lock screw was left in place. notice the severe depression left by the lock screw.
Lock screw
Warning Different regulators use different methods for adjustment. Some regulators unscrew the adjustment screw to increase pressure (opposite of the stock reg). If you install a different reg on your Shocker, please check the instructions or manual for the new reg if you are unsure how to adjust it.
If this is done improperly you will put too much pressure into the marker and damage internal Shocker seals and/or parts.

Air Source:
All SP markers will easily accept CO2 or HPA without any special modifications.
When using CO2, an anti-siphon tube must be installed and functional. This can be purchased from most proshops, or from many online retailers (tanks with anti-siphon tubes installed can be bought new as well). Without an anti-siphon tube, the regulator will draw liquid CO2 into the marker, which will damage or destroy required seals within the marker and reg.

When using a preset HPA tank, I suggest you use an HP-output preset. Most LP-output tank regulators aren't fast enough flowing to keep up with high rtes of fire, and will cause velocity dropoff. Of the preset tanks that do work, the Crossfire and Guerilla Air / Air American tanks are some of the only ones that you can use.
When using an adjustable tank system, HP input to the vertical reg is required. Please refer to the Pressure & Dwell Setting page in the Related Links below.

All SP markers come with standard 1/4" macroline and Norgen macroline fittings installed. These are upwards or downwardly compatible with other macroline components, as long as the sizing is correct. Microline isn't suggested for use on these markers. Stainless braided hose can be used, though disassembly will be more difficult.

Shockers come with an Angle drop with rail Smartvalve installed.
Ultimate Shockers come with an HP bottomline tank/reg system and a vertical reg for veloctiy adjustment.
Velocity adjusting is carried out through the vertical Max-Flo.
For the stock vertical Max-Flo, screw the endcap in for higher pressure and out for less.
CO2 or HPA can be used with the Shocker. If CO2 is to be used, the tank must have a functional anti-siphon system installed.

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