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The vertical adapter is the ASA-threaded piece that attaches to the underside of the body, into which a vertical regulator or standard gas-thru grip is screwed.

Vertical adapter

The vertical adapter is held onto the body using a 1/4-28 x 1/2" screw, with a lock washer around the head. While the regulator is removed from the adapter, use a 3/16" allen wrench to remove this screw for disassembly. Located between the adapter and body is a 14/70 o-ring, which seals the air pressure passing through the ports in the adapter. Shocker and Nerve vertical adapters are the same, so one can be interchanged with the other without any problems.
The current vertical adapter is also fitted with a 300-psi pressure gauge, to show the input pressure into the marker. This was a production change that was enacted around May 2005. The renderings on this page are of the older style vertical adapter, which didn't include a gauge.
Gauge port

Body Porting & Vertical Adapter Pin:
The underside of the body is ported for air input above the vertical adapter. Located around the screw hole are five holes, four of which are used for air input, while the fifth is used to hold the vertical adapter pin. This pin is used to hold the vertical adapter in position and prevent it from twisting around when you remove the regulator.
Warning If the regulator is overtightened into the adapter and the pin is missing, the adapter will most likely grind on the body and swivel around instead of allowing the regulator to unscrew. Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you use the vertical adapter pin.

Vertical adapter

Tech The top of the vertical adapter is ported with seven smaller holes. The middle hole is made to mount the vertical adapter pin, however if you wish for the reg to face a different direction when installed, you can move the pin to a different hole. The pin location in the top of the adapter doesn't matter, but you must still make sure the pin doesn't block the air input ports on the body (as discussed above)

Vertical adapter

Please note that the NDZ vertical adapters don't require the use of the pin because they are specially fit to the underside of the body, and cannot swivel in any direction.

Aftermarket Adapters:
There are a few varieties of adapters available for purchase, all of which are listed here:
Smart Parts vertical adapter with gauge port: Shaped somewhat like the Nerve vertical adapters and has an output for a gauge. Comes stock as of 2005 on most Shockers. This adapter is seen in the above pic (of the red and orange Shocker...the orange one has it).
New Designz vertical adapter: Comes in two versions, straight or 15 angled. Both versions will accept a gauge for the operating pressure. Gauge is not included with it, however can be purchased along with it if needed (a gasline plug comes with the adapter if you do not plan on using a gauge). NDZ adapters cost a little over $30 from most NDZ retailers. Please note that the NDZ vertical adapters will not fit on some private label Shockers, such as the Strange or Dark (these Shockers have a wider underside in the front, which does not fit the NDZ adapters).
NDZ straight NDZ straight
Hybrid 10 angled vertical adapter: Comes on the Hybrid Shocker; available in black only. Costs $46 from
Additional private label Shockers may come with their own vertical adapter however no others are available for purchase separately.

Shocker Slim Gas-Thru Grips: Tech
These were used during 2003 on the Ultimate package markers, which came with a bottomline low-pressure Max-Flo tank system. The "Slim" gas-thru grip screwed directly into the body and replaced both the vertical regulator and its adapter. This gas-thru grip can be seen on many of the promotional pictures for the marker, but as said is no longer used. Current Ultimate packages ship with an HP tank system and a vertical regulator to function with it.

Slim gas-thru grip

LPR Adapters: Tech
Some aftermarket developers market their own brand of LPR (low-pressure regulator) adapters for the Shocker. What this is, is a special vertical adapter that separates the LPR air supply from that of the rest of the firing assembly. The pressure outbound to the solenoid is then regulated down below the regular input pressure. The reason I saved this section for last is because the majority of firing assembles used in the Shocker prevent the use of an LPR from becoming prominent. The design of the Shocker is specifically laid out such that an LPR is not necessary. This is explained in further depth on the firing assembly page.

Should you wish to purchase an LPR adapter for your Shocker, here are listed the available models. They all use a 15/70 o-ring to seal as well as a small 1x3-mm o-ring for the isolated pressure.
New Designz LPR adapter: Comes as shown for $40, not including the LPR itself. Not available in 15 angled. Involves a 10-32 tapped swiveling 1/8" microline barb to deliver pressure from the LPR to the isolated section of the adapter.
Evolve LPR adapter: No longer in production. Included gauge ports for both the operating and pneumatics pressure. Involved a 10-32 tapped swiveling 1/8" microline barb to deliver pressure from the LPR to the isolated section of the adapter.
Freeflow vertical adapter: No longer in manufacture.
PMI/Evil LPR adapter: Integrated LPR setup as shown. Comes with operating and pneumatics pressure gauges.

If you're running an LPR on your marker, you'll need to clean it from time to time. Please refer to the Related Links section at the bottom of the page for maintenance guides.

The vertical adapter screws into the body and holds the vertical regulator. The Shocker SFT and Nerve share the same style adapters.
An o-ring (stock 14/70) seals the connection between the adapter and the body. Aftermarket adapters may use different ones.
Current model Shockers (as of mid-2005) come with gauges, however previously they did not.
The vertical adapter requires the use of a pin to prevent it from swiveling around on its own.
Aftermarket adapters, in both straight and angled versions, are available.
LPR adapters are available, though the practical benefits of them are small.

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