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Nummech Products has produced a line of customized Shocker bodies based on a redesigned internal layout, compatible with both Shocker SFT and NXT components. This page holds information on some of the changes made to the traditional design. Nummech is the only manufacturer to produce a Shocker body entirely from start to finish. All other private label Shocker SFT and NXT bodies were made by Smart Parts, even though third parties such as Shocktech or CCM milled their own cosmetics onto the SP blank.

Transfer plate design:
Nummech Shocker bodies consist of two separate pieces: the main body still holds the firing assembly and barrel, but the underside holds a new "transfer plate" which contains the internal air passages. The two components are held together using cap screws from the underside. The screws are #4-40 thread x 3/16" length socket head cap screws (SHCS).
Nummech Shocker diagram with transfer plate
Nummech Shocker transfer plate screw diagram

Solenoid porting: (set screws, o-rings)
Nummech Shocker bodies do not use OEM solenoid inserts found in Smart Parts Shockers. The inserts were replaced by air ports integrated directly into the transfer plate. These ports are sealed at both ends using loctited set screws (#10-32 thread x 3/16" length set screws). The transfer plate seals against the marker body using a set of added o-rings which are sandwiched in between. These o-rings should require no regular maintenance, but they can be easily replaced if needed.
Nummech Shocker solenoid port set screw diagram
Nummech Shocker transfer plate gasket seal diagram

Frame modification: The transfer plate screws are not present on OEM Shocker bodies, so your grip frame might require a modification to create space around the new screws' heads. In particular, the rear-most transfer plate screw often hits frames from Shocker SFT-era markers. To modify the grip frame, use a hand-drill to create a small hole in the frame's top surface, large enough to encompass the screw head. Be careful to not remove too much material from the frame; you can remove material but NOT put it back on. Performing this modification does not prevent the grip frame from being used on other markers.
Frame interference mod diagram

Frame and Vertical Adapter:
The vertical adapter is positioned in the same location as a Shocker NXT body (in relation to the barrel). However, Nummech bodies re-position the grip frame to be 3/8" further backward compared to the rest of the marker. This creates more space between the frame and vertical adapter. Theoretically, certain vertical adapters may not be compatible with certain frames, because non-basemodel Shocker NXTs exhibit some compatibility problems. I believe every combination of frame and vertical adapter will work with a Nummech Shocker body, because the distance between the parts is wider, but I have not tested everything in-hand.

Nummech Shocker bodies utilize an integrated feedneck boss which can attach a latching feedneck build to Empire's spec (compatible with Mini-GS, Axe Pro, Sniper, Resurrection, etc). The marker body cannot use a threaded feedneck.
Nummech Shocker boss-latch feedneck

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