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This page compromises maintenance processes that don't need to be performaed very often. Details vary depending on the part.

SFT O-ring:
The SFT o-ring is located inside the Shocker body, right in front of the barrel. This o-ring seals against the bolt during firing.
SFT o-ring SFT o-ring SFT o-ring
The SFT o-ring can be the cause for paint breaking issues, especially during the winter. If necessary, remove the o-ring using a curved or bent dental pick, and replace with a clean, new 17/90 o-ring. If you chop a ball in the chamber then paint will most likely work it's way around the o-ring, in which case replacement is recommended.

To remove the SFT o-ring for replacement, you'll have to use a curved or angled dental pick. The one I use has a small crease right at the end, which makes it ideal for pulling o-rings from their grooves. Dig the end of the pick down into the o-ring groove (between the ring and the groove wall; don't just spear the o-ring with the pick..this won't work), then twist the pick around to get under the o-ring. This can be accomplished in front or behind the o-ring, depending on the shape of the pick. Once hte pick is under the o-ring it will be easy to remove it.
SFT o-ring SFT o-ring SFT o-ring

Solenoid Manifold:
The solenoid manifold involves six small o-rings to seal the solenoid's pressures. These o-rings don't require any maintenance and in most cases are best if left alone. Some solenoid leaks can be caused by the rings, in which case disassembly and replacment would be suggested (see the Troubleshooting Solenoid Leak page for details on this).
Removal of the solenoid also brings along the potential improper reassembly (overtightening) on the solenoid manifold spacer screws. To help avoid this issue, it's best to just leave the manifold alone unless otherwise necessary.

Below are some demonstrational videos showing removal and rebuilding of the solenoid manifold.
Solenoid manifold installation, high-res (13-MB)
Solenoid manifold installation, low-res (5-MB)

Solenoid Inserts:
These also contain o-rings, however don't require any maintenance of their own unless a problem has arisen. Refer to the Solenoid Inserts page for details on their removal and reinstallation.

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