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The majority of the regular maintenance that must be carried out on a Shocker involves cleaning and regreasing the bolt assembly. It is said that you should service the bolt after every day of play, ideally. Personally I agree with this suggestion, becuase not only will this ensure that the marker functions good, but it will also help to make future disasembly easy as well.
When cleaning your equipment, I suggest you have at least two lint-free cloths nearby (or equal substitute). You will use one to clean with and the other to set parts upon. Disposible paper towels, napkins, or other materials can suffice too.
Smart Parts recommends the use of Dow/Corning 33 Shocker Lube with your equipment. Never use any gun oil, or Dow/Corning 55 grease.
Lastly, you must always de-gas any marker before it can be disassembled.

Select your bolt:

Current bolts:
SFT stock bolt
SP HE/Turbocharger bolt
NoX NV bolt
NDZ Stinger v3 bolt
Evolve ULP bolt
Evolve v1/2 bolt
Discontinued/obsolete bolts:
NDZ Stinger v1 bolt
NDZ Stinger v2 bolt
FreeFlow bolt v1/2/3 bolts

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