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The frame of the Ion is the grip / handle section. Its main function is to give you a platform with which to shoot (by holding it in your hand) but the frame also serves to cover and protect the marker's electronics and solenoid assembly.
Frame Frame

The frame on an Ion isn't used on any other type of marker; it's specific to the Ion. The frame is held onto the body by two 10-32 x 1" screws as well as a single 10-32 x 1/2" screw at the front (under the barrel). All three of these screws accept a 1/8" allen wrench for removal and disassembly.

The frame is notched to accept and hold in place the main circuit board, which slides into position through the top. Refer to the Solenoid page for more details.

Vertical Adapter:
The vertical adapter is the vertical ASA which connects to the marker's regulator.
Vertical adapter
The vertical adapter is integrated into the frame, so it all comes off from the body as one piece. This may be different with aftermarket frames, though.

Vertical Adapter Filter:
Located up inside the vertical adapter is a mesh screen which acts as a filter for the incoming air to the Ion.
Filter Filter
This filter is there to help keep your incomming air supply clean and free of debris. The filter is designed to be used with both CO2 and HPA; it's equally valuable regardless of which air supply you use. Although the reg filter isn't absolutely required for the marker to function, you're better off having it installed without the need, than you are not having it when you actually do need it. Both CO2 and HPA can have dirty fills; this can cause problems if the solenoid isn't protected (which is why the filter is present in the marker). Here's an example of what you get with no filter and a dirty air fill:
Warning When reinstalling the vertical regulator, care must be taken when dropping the reg filter into the vertical adapter. The filter must sit perfectly straight, or the vertical reg will smash it and get stuck. Make sure the filter is sitting straight before reinstalling the reg.
Filter Filter

Frame Removal:
The mainboard is held in place by two opposing grooves in the inside of the Ion frame. These are visible in this picture (thanks to Massive Entertainment for the picutre).

When removing the frame from the body, simple steps must be taken to ensure no damage occurs.
First, remove the grips and unplug the battery. Unscrew the mounting screws holding the frame to the body using a 1/8" allen wrench (shown in the following diagram).

Push up on the board using your finger, and gently pull the frame away from the board enough so you can see the internal hoses.

Tilt the body to the side so you can fit a 1/8" allen wrench into the front microline fitting. Unscrew it until the threads disengage.

You can now pull the frame the rest of the way off the body, and pull the battery lead wires through the top of the frame as we..

Warning Care must be taken when removing the frame from the body. You won't be able to pull the board all the way out from the body without first disconnecting the front microline fitting. This is how the Ion is designed so don't try to take shortcuts.

Aftermarket Frames:
Element 85 vertical frame: Nearly-vertical frame that uses standard 90 frame grips. Works with all triggers, and includes a separate vertical adapter. Costs $125 from Element paintball.

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