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One of the Impulse's strongest selling points (to the day) is the large number of private label (PL) versions that were produced. A private label Impulse is functionally the same as a regular Impulse, however they were milled differently and also included any number of smaller performance enhancing parts or upgrades that weren't included with the stock version. These were designed to be sold by major SP teams and retailers. and each came with different accessories.
Most of these came with a Freak barrel (except for the 32, AVI, some others) and most of them were machined by SP. Sometimes other machine shops mill the bodies, in which case it's usually noticeable because they start off as base milling that doesn't have much extra materail to mill away.

Base Impulse - Stock Imp, available in a few colors and a few fades (whenever SP ran fade batches). The 2001 models had a lot of fades done from the factory, but SP changed anodizing suppliers going into 2002, so fades became less common at that point. The original price was $500 for the base model or $650 for the Vision model, but the price was dropped to $450/600 in 2004. In 2004-2005, Impulses began shipping with vertical Max-Flo regs from Shocker SFTs (matching anodizing).
No Impulses were made after 2004, because the Ion was about to be released in spring of 2005, so all the retailers were instructed to stop pushing sales of the Impulse marker in light of the new Ion. However, even Smart Parts still had some new-in-box Impulses available for sale throughout 2005, which were likely markers that were assembled from spare parts.

32 impulse - Same as the stock Impulse except more expensive. This even came with a Progressive barrel.

Adrenalin Impulse - An extremely popular Impulse from It features fourth-axis spiral milling on the upper tube, Adrenalin frame, integrated check valve, and usually came with both a vertical regulator and a gas-thru grip to function with whatever tank setup you have. It was also one of the more expensive markers (around $1100 for the marker package).

Atomix Impulse (old style) - These were an early PL marker that came with many non-SP upgrades all anodized at once.

Atomix Impulse (new style) - At one point the milling was updated to be more intricate, as shown in the pictures. This redesign happened very late in the Impulse timeline, making it one of the last Impulses to be designed. This marker came out at least two years after the original Atomix Impulse, so many of the internals were changed at this point.

AVI Impulse - Essentially a stock Vision Impulse with different milling and an All American barrel.

Blizzard impulse - custom machined by Blizzard Paintball. These were build-to-order markers that included various internals depending on the customer request.

Cash Money impulse -

Demonic Impulse - This was technicaly the first private label Impulse ever made, back in 2001, but ultimately not many were made due to sale problems with the retailer. Somewhat later, the body milling style was carried over into the Strange Vision Impulse which was released in 2002 and became the first "true" PL Impulse.

Detroit Thunder Impulse - Another name for the Game Face Impulse (used by Team Detroit Thunder).

Eclipse Impulse - Came with many popular Eclipse upgrades from the time.

Fireball Mountain Impulse - These were milled from stock bodies and anodized (both) by

Freak Factory Impulse - retailed from SP dealers. Designed for team Freak Factory. It was one of the first PL Impulses released, and was probably meant to be an early custom marker available to many of the major retailers. These were initially popular because the other PL Impulses at the time were much more expensive.

Game Face Impulse - Available in two versions, a basic marker and an upgraded marker The milling was identical, but the internals were different. (also sold by These were the first Impulse to use an customized integrated LPR made by Smart Parts, rather than the "bolt-on" 1/8-NPT threaded LPRs that virtually all other Impulses use. As you can guess, it was one of the last PL Impulses to be designed.

Gothic Impulse - Also milled and reanodized by, though this milling wasn't as extreme. These were also available with studs sticking out from the holes visible in the side of the body...but I'm not sure what the story was on that.

Hotrod Impulse - I don't have much information on these. From the old promo picture we can see they were milled from stock bodies and were likely VERY old (2001)

Meteor Impulse - Designed by, retailed by and Smart Parts.

Mouse Impulse - At some point Eclipse decided they didn't want to retail the Eclipse Imp any longer, so bought up the remaining guns and sold them under the name "Mouse Impulse" (no Eclipse jewels, of course). They looked like Eclipse Impulses, but were mixed with some old-style Rat Impulse parts.

Nasty Impulse -

Neurotic Sports impulse - these were base model Impulses with custom factory anodizing and additional engraving. These markers are from 2001 and show laser engraving from similar base model Impulses of the time.
No picture.

Predator Impulse - Milled by Tarantula manufacturing then anodized and sold by Imperial Paintball (; out of business). These were milled from stock bodies; and also included an optional Predator frame from tarantula MFG (shown in first pic). Last picture from paintballwannab.

Python Impulse - Very unique milling on this one. It involves a separate, stainless tube for the internals, actually making this one of the heaviest Impulses out there. It uses Autococker barrel threads and also involves a special LPR vertical adapter with gauges for both input and LPR pressure.

Rat Impusle (aka. 02 Rat Impulse) - Another extremely popular Impulse, available from / / Originally sold for $650 with an LPR, but the price was increased in early 2003 (once they were selling well).

03 Rat Impulse - Redesigned Rat milling for 2003-2004.

Rat jr. - These were Rat Impulses sold after 2003 that featured the "old" milling from before 2003. These came with less upgrades and as a result took a small price break.

Razzor Impulse - another milling style offered by Fireball Mountain (

Shocktech Impulse - From the looks of it they wanted to minimize the weight above any other cosmetic milling.

SIC Impulse - Milled from stock bodies by (includes fourth-axis milling on the upper tube). Available with any assortment of upgrades in any anodizing finish.

Strange Vision Impulse - The first and most popular (by sales) private label Impulse. Designed for Team Strange (

TKO Impulse - Original name for the AVI Impulse. (

Tonton Impulse - Designed for Team Tonton Flinguers of Europe (France). Originally didn't come with many upgrades, but they were added to the stock gun later on.

Toxic impulse -

Voodoo Impulse - Retailed from SP Europe, this came with upgrades from the SP Voodoo line of parts. Visually identical to the Freak Factory Impulse.

Warped Sportz Dark Impulse - Another of the late-designed Impulses, this one from WS.