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This is the general "introduction" page that precedes all the informational guides and articles on this website.

The first rule to keep in mind about this website is that nobody expects you to read it end-to-end and remember everything. The site is designed ot be library of sorts of Smart Parts information, which can be used for reference in the future.

Most of the info on the site is categorized under "basic" information. This is the general stuff you'll need to know in order to work the equipment. There are a few other categories of info as well, which are denoted by special symbols to help them stand out.
Tech Tech - more advanced tech information that isn't necessary for everyday use. If you're just trying to figure out how to work the gun, don't bother reading this stuff.
Warning Warning - warnings and other cautions you need to keep in mind. Always read these!

I do my best to provide both raw data as well as my own personal experience and insight into the subject at hand. There's a lot to be said about some parts, so it can get a little plodding at times, but I prefer to provide too much information rather than not enough. Again, the site is a reference guide to the markers.

At the bottom of each page is an "overview" section with a few key points that you should remember. If you read the page but missed the note, you may wish to go back and re-read for it.

Related links:
This is to provide links to other sections of the site, to link information on related parts, diagrams, activities, etc. Please remember that not all information about one particular subject can always be found in the same place on this website. I do my best to discuss technical info in one section, but all the maintenance, adjusting, and troubleshooting will be found in the other sections. I provide links to the appropriate pages where needed, so it shouldn't matter where you go.
Many of you will no doubt remember the website before the overhaul. Information was divided up into many sections and was generally difficult to find. All the info was there, but locating exact pieces of information was difficult. The current manual-style website (the one you're reading right now) is designed to aid in that regard.

A few lines at the beginning and end of each page are dedicated to pointing out the location of the page you're currently viewing. You can select a broader topic from there, once finished (or if you've arrived at the page by accident).
Tech index - Main menu for links to all other tech sections of the site. Includes SP markers as well as other subjects and resources.
Parts of a marker - Technical information about each and every part of the marker assembly; diagrams; scans from the manuals.
Adjusting and maintaining - Informational guides for how to adjust the marker (electronics, hardware, anything) as well as guides for performing regular maintenance.
Troubleshooting - Guides to aid in repairing leaking, shooting, electronics, and other marker problems.

Aftermarket Products:
When available, I list details on aftermarket performance upgrades that are available for the particular marker component. Check the Links page for a list of some popular online stores.