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This is an image-intensive page with descriptions and other text. I might make a thumbnail page if demand goes up.

The marker displayed in these pictures is a stock EC model Mayhem. I have installed a new board in the gun but that was after I took these pictures, so everything looks the same. I have a vertical feed from an Ion installed.

Mayhem EC

The frame is removed by unscrewing the two screws holding it on. The foregrip on the EC model serves as the front screw. Once the screws are removed the rail can be accessed and also removed by the two obvious screws. Before you take those out, first remove the feedneck. After that the breech section will push off revealing the bolt and spring under it.
Bolt spring

When the spring comes out, the bolt is visible.
Bolt removal

Pull the bolt straight out from the body. You can view the valve housing down inside; the firing poppet is the white piece in the middle.
Valve front

Remove the siterail from the top and the silver dump chamber piece will slide off the valve housing at its rear. The empty body will still hold the valve housing's front o-ring, shown here.
Empty dump chamber housing

The separated valve housing looks like this.
Valve housing outside

You can pull the poppet out from the front of the valve and take a look.
Poppet removed
The front o-ring on the poppet is that which seals the bolt during firing, so most leaking problems out the bolt face are caused there. It's pretty worn down in the pic, but still functional.
Firing poppet

To access the solenoid, remove the three screws holding the backplate onto the valve body.
Solenoid backplate

Reomval of the backplate exposes the solenoid underneath, which can be pulled out.
Solenoid installed

Solenoid removed

The solenoid used here is a Clippard minimatic valve...

The other part of the firing assembly is the firing piston, located in the valve body. It's accessed by removing the hatch on the right side.
Firing spool hatch

When removed, the firing spool is removeable by pulling out with needlenose pliers (or similar).
Firing spool

The circuit board controlling this marker is very simple and not adjustable as far as I know. It's located inside the frame and can be removed if necessary, however I don't recommend it unless you have to (the wires that attach it to the peripherals of the marker are short and you can't easily remove it without removing everything).
Board top

Board bottom

The trigger microswitch is also accessible in the frame however, again, it doesn't need to be removed for any reason (unless it's malfunctioning) so I suggest leaving it be.

That's all for now. More later.