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The electronics used in this marker are very primitive, but they get the job done. Adjustment is carried out through the pushbuttons and LED located on the back of the frame. There are three buttons, from top to bottom: black; gray; black. The LED is bi-colo (red/green) so it can produce three colors (red, green, and yellow).

Adjustment is carried out by using the top and bottom black buttons to increase/decrease the amount respectively. The gray button is used to select the setting to adjust.
Pushing the middle/gray button will cycle through the five adjustment modes. When you push it, the LED will light up solid, then it'll start blinking. The number of times it blinks to you is the current amount for that adjustment setting. The period of time where it holds solid is your window for increasing or decreasing the setting. For example, if dwell is set to 7 then the LED will light up solid for a second then blink 7 times.

To adjust the setting, you must push the top or bottom black buttons to increase or decrease (respectively) the setting when the LED lights up solid. Once you reach the top amount for the setting, it will loop back down to the first amount. When you get done adjusting the setting, the LED will blink back the new amount to you, to confirm.

Adjustment: Range: Default:
1 Fire mode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
1 = semiauto
2-6 = burst shot
7 = fullyautomatic
2 Rate of fire 4-20 bps 6 (10-bps)
3 Dwell time 1-12 7
4 Eye holdoff time 1-20 3
5 Eyes on/off green = on, red = off on

Please note that I haven't hooked this up to the scope yet so I don't know what the increment is on those dwell and eye holdoff adjustments. I assume the dwell is in 2-ms intervals and eye holdoff in 1/2-ms intervals, but those are just guesses.

Important: The settings on the board are stored in flash memory, not "regular" eeprom memory The difference between these is that flash memory is lost when you remove the power source from the board. Most other paintball marker controllers store settings in eeprom so they will be maintained while the battery is removed; this is not the case with this marker.