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This marker is/was made by the Taiwaneese company JBS, also known as XXX Paintball. It's called the King Cobra although has also been referred to as the XXX-I.

For some reason this marker didn't reach very far, even though it was extremely inexpensive compared to other markers under $300. It has all the standard features of other mid-level markers, including some interesting special things of its own. Features include fully electropneumatic operation, anti-chop eyes, field-strippable bolt, varied firing modes and ROF adjustment, twist-lock feedneck, rechargeable 9v operation (comes with charger), Autococker barrel threads, soft-face bolt, gas-thru foregrip, and a low pressure operation using an integrated pressure regulator. Sounds like a nice gun dunnit?

Version 1
Above is the King Cobra version-1, which is the version pictured on this site's disassembly pictures.

Version 3
This is the version-3 Cobra, which has an aluminum frame and redesigned trigger setup. The difference between it and the v2 (not pictured) is that the v3 uses dual regulators whereas the v2 used a single reg like the original versions.

So somehow the market for this marker never came to be. Whatever the reason for this, the story doesn't end there. King Cobra is the direct predecessor to the current Invert Mini; Minis being a new generation design based on this marker. The basic components and function of firing assembly design is the same, however the specifics used in the surrounding parts and how they interact with the mechanism is more developed coming into the Mini.

Additionally, from a logistics standpoint, Minis are simply used by many more players than the original Cobras ever were, so the possibility for experimentation in the field is much more prevalent. As a result, the developers of the Mini at NPS/KEE have fixed many issues with its internals that also apply to the Cobra internals too, however weren't noticed since the Cobra was used by so few players.

Disassembly pictures: two pages available:
Thumbnail pictures, no descriptions
Detailed descriptions without thumbs
Electronics adjustment

Specs sheet