Having to replace a switch or button on your marker is one of the most common solutions of fixing old equipment. It's also one of the more easy tasks to perform, as long as you have soldering skills. Here you can find some of the common components found on generic marker circuit boards.

Omron trigger microswitches:
These terrific lever-actuated microswitches from Omron are the industry standard for paintball markers. Some circuit boards Omron switches by default, but some use asian import switches which are decidely inferior. Omron switches offer the best click and return consistency.
Omron trigger microswitches are available in 25 gram or 80 gram. The two switch weights are used by various marker developers, depending on their trigger design and electronic settings. The 80-g switches provide a more "clicky" feel and can also help to control bounce; the 25-g switches allow for a lighter pull.

Omron trigger microswitch (top-actuated)
$2.99 each
Top-actuated trigger microswitch
Top-actuated trigger microswitch
Top-actuated switches are primarilly found in markers where the switch is attached to a wire pigtail. Be sure to use heatshrink to insulate your bare wire connections when soldering. These are also used with some markers that position their microswitches above the trigger. Top-actuated switches are used in the following markers:
Smart Parts Shocker SFT, Shocker NXT, and Nerve
Smart Parts classic Impulse
Smart Parts Shocker Sport (LS board)
Smart Parts Ion
non-Alias Bob Long Intimidator
AKALMP Viking and Excalibur
Dye DM4, DM5, and DMC (non-UL frame)
Proto Rail (non-UL frame)
Diablo Wrath
Toxic Toys Tribal
ICD Bushmaster
Brass Eagle Rainmaker
SystemX Alien & NME
Empire Axe & Vanquish (shorten the terminals before soldering)
Eclipse Etek 2, Etek 3

Omron trigger microswitch (side-actuated)
$4.40 each
Side-actuated trigger microswitch
Side-actuated trigger microswitch
Side-actuated switches are used in markers that mount their board parallel with the frame. These switches are used in the following markers:
Left-facing microswitch:
FEP Quest
MacDev Cyborg
DLX Luxe
Smart Parts 09 Impulse
ICD Freestyle
Dye DM3 (including Gen-E)
Proto SLG
Bob Long Marq
Tadao Ebisu board for Bob Long G6R
Vaporworks board for Bob Long Alias Intimidator
Tadao Ego 05 board
WDP/APS Angel (LCD & LED stock board)
Predator "FRM board" for Angel LCD
Virtue boards for Dangerous Power Fusion (with bent lever)
Action Markers Diadem
Regency Crome2
Right-facing microswitch:
Eclipse Etek 1
Eclipse Ego
Bob Long G6R (stock, Virtue)
Bob Long Alias Intimidator (stock, Tadao, Predator, Virtue)
Dye Ultralite frame boards
Dangerous Power Fusion (E1, APE)
Dangerous power FX
Virtue board for Eclipse Ego 05+
Angel Mojo board
Tadao board for Eclipse Ego 06+
Machine Vapor
J4 Torque
Vanguard Creed ARV
many aftermarket boards for Angels (Virtue, Tadao, Predator FRM, Lucky)

ITT/Cannon board switch
$1.55 each
Ion/Shocker/Nerve board switch
Ion/Shocker/Nerve board switch
This button is used on many paintball electronics, including the following:
Shocker/Nerve stock upper and lower boards
Many Shocker aftermarket lower boards
Smart Parts and some aftermarket Ion boards
E/X-Mag boards
Note: this switch doesn't work on older Ion T-boards (revision-A, B, and C) or revision-B Virtue Ion boards.
This switch is slightly different than the one used by Smart Parts. The difference is that this button doesn't have the "raised" lip; this helps make the button pad more difficult to break off.

ITT/Cannon board switches, bulk
$10/pack of 10
Ion/Shocker/Nerve board switch
Ion/Shocker/Nerve board switch
Same as above, except bulk pricing on multiple switches. This can be useful if you're repairing team markers, or if you just want some extras for future use!

Halo/Reloader/Pulse power switch
$1.50 each
Halo power switch
Halo power switch
Replacement power switch (button) on Halo, Reloader-B, and Draxxus Pulse boards. This button will work on all boards except the really old stock ones from 2002. Fits the following:
Halo Z-code boards
Halo Victory/V35 boards
Predator Cheetah board
Angry Halo boards
Reloader-B boards
newer "LE" boards (2003 and later)
Draxxus Pulse mainboard

Shocker Sport fire mode switch
$7.70 each
Shocker Sport fire mode switch
Shocker Sport fire mode switch
This switch attaches to the front of the circuit board and controls the fire mode on LS Turbo boards and DS S/F boards. This switch can be used to convert any DS 4x4 board into an S/F just by installing the switch in position. It can also be used to repair a damaged switch of the same type.
Please note, the white fire mode switch that was originally used on Shocker boards has actually been discontinued. I'm selling this red replacement which can be used as a substitute. However, the switches are slightly different so you must be sure to position it correctly on the board. If you solder it in the wrong position, you can drill the switch hole wider to allow a better fit.

Omron operation button
$1.50 each
Omron operation button
Omron operation button
These buttons are used on many paintball marker circuit boards at the rear of the frame, for operation and programming. If your current switch breaks, you can remove and replace it with one of these. The following markers use this model switch:
Dye ultralite frame boards
Proto SLG
Eclipse E-blade
Eclipse Ego
Eclipse Etek 1
FEP Quest
Cyborg (with a button extender)
most universal Angel boards

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