Custom Machining

I'm pleased to begin offering a service for custom machining and fabrication work. I have access to both manual and CNC machinery, both mill and lathe, and can make virtually anything you need (within limits - see the warnings below), and we can make whatever quantitiy of parts you want. I can also anodize the item afterwards.

Custom machining may be useful in situations like these:
You need a prototype part for testing
You need a replacement component for a discontinued marker
You want a customized item to make your marker more unique

Custom machining is NOT recommended for any item that can be sourced from another manufacturer (triggers, ASAs, barrels, etc). Custom machininf is also not recommended for simple items that don't require precision. While we have the ability to make anything, the cost is usually prohibitive for simple parts.

Costs and pricing:
The drawback of custom machining is that it carries a VERY high pricetag. Generally speaking, all orders have a $90 minimum cost, because almost all custom parts require several hours to design, program, and set up on the equipment. The cost for actually cutting the parts is additional to the minimum price, so the price only goes up from there.

The cost to make a component is set to an appropriate amount to justify the precision delivered by my machine shop. The equipment is expensive to operate; prices are determined by the high skill of the machinist responsible for creating the finished part (whether myself or somebody else). Prototype parts are particularly expensive because the upfront cost is spread over a very small quantity of items. Higher quantity is always preferable because the final cost per unit is lower.

Contact me with details on what type of item you need produced. The best way to do this is to have a dimensioned print or 3d CAD file available that I can use. Toleranced drawings will help the process too. As a machine instructor myself, I always recommend organizing as much information on your project as possible, because the less work I need to perform, the cheaper it will cost in the end.