All inquiries can be handled by one of these e-mails: - Tech inquiries, marker troubleshooting, general inquiries; address for paypal payments. - Website issues; webstore shipping.
Paypal payments should be sent to

I receive several dozen e-mails each day, so if you fail to receive a response within 1-2 business days please feel free to re-send your message if you indeed want a response. Sometimes e-mails get buried and pile up, but I try to respond when needed.
Business and e-mail checking is erratic over the weekend, so expect a response by the next business day if sent friday afternoon or later (or during any holidays).

Troubleshooting: If you are experiencing a problem with your marker I strongly suggest heading over to any of the online forums found in the links page. This ensures that other people including me can respond to your problem. Please please please avoid e-mails asking "what should I set my dwell at" or "what board is best". The entire reason for this website is to answer these questions!

Note that I don't handle shipping or repair work for any official company out there, so I can't help with any issues you may have when you send your marker to anybody else.