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I have a lot of equipment at my disposal. When cool stuff happens I film it and post it on my YouTube channel, where you can find other videos of slightly related things too. On this page I post the videos directly related to paintball.

This video was made before the release of Numemch's Shocker LP bolt guides. I review the three different endcap styles and explain some of the features.

Unofficial tour of the AKALMP machine shop from many years ago. I believe this video came from Dan Voils.

Assembly of my custom Necro-Axe marker.

This is an item I use with all of my helmet cam videos. It was made on a 3d printer like the trigger video.

Videos from my t-shirt launcher project. Follow that link for all the CAD files and machining programs...if you dare!

Manual Machining:
I don't get the chance to film this very often since it's difficult to hold a camera at the same time. But I do try it occasionally.

One of the finishing cuts on my Culex prototype.

Making of my visible Shocker project.


This is one of my industrial robots equipped with a customized paintball marker in the place of a traditional robot "end of arm tooling". In the video I demonstrate the accuracy of single shot modes and the like.

Discussion; Informative:

Historical perspective of the Shocker markers.

Discussing the interesting points in this prototype Cyber9000 marker.

Quick review of the Lulzbot Taz5 3d printer.