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I have a lot of equipment at my disposal. When cool stuff happens I film it and post it on my YouTube channel, where you can find other videos of slightly related things too. On this page I post the videos directly related to paintball.

Machining & CNC

Producing several triggers for a prototype marker.

Cumulative upgrade frame for Shockers. This is not yet available at the time of this writing.

An early trigger prototype, produced via 3d printer.

Unofficial tour of the AKALMP machine shop from many years ago. I believe this video came from Dan Voils.

Using Mastercam to generate machine code necessary for producing these small button pieces. They are cut in the following video below. Please note that using a CAM program for lathe parts is somewhat uncommon since the parts are often easy enough to be manually programmed. I wanted to make a video though so I chose to make these parts via Mastercam.

Machining (turning) the above workpieces.

Using Mastercam for a mill project.

CNC machining the left-side eye cover pocket in a Shocker body. Part 1 of 2.

Continuation of the above.

Old production process for my left-side Shocker SFT eye covers. Part 1 of 2.

Continuation of above.

A customized ASA adapter system I was building for a project.

This is an item I use with all of my helmet cam videos. It was made on a 3d printer like the trigger video.

Videos from my t-shirt launcher project. Follow that link for all the CAD files and machining programs...if you dare!

Manual Machining:
I don't get the chance to film this very often since it's difficult to hold a camera at the same time. But I do try it occasionally.

One of the finishing cuts on my Culex prototype.

Making of my visible Shocker project.


This is one of my industrial robots equipped with a customized paintball marker in the place of a traditional robot "end of arm tooling". In the video I demonstrate the accuracy of single shot modes and the like.

This is a joke video I made to prove my robot's superiority to one of my friends and his A-5.

Moving target tracking video coming soon!

Discussion; Informative:

Historical perspective of the Shocker markers.

Discussing the interesting points in this prototype marker.