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I've manufacturered many different parts and accessories for assorted paintball markers over the years. Most of these items are sold through my company Nummech Products. You can find videos for lots of the items sold by Nummech, most of which are uploaded to my personal YouTube channel.

I don't post videos for everything because many of our parts are basic items that aren't very interesting. However, anytime we come across a new or interesting manufacturing process, whether it's mill or lathe, I try to make a video to show people how it works. If there's a specific item you'd like to see made then let me know and I may be able to film it. (no promises, but it can't hurt to ask!) Youtube playlist: Paintball Machining Videos

CNC Milling:

Four-axis milling for a cool looking marker body, specifically an AxePro Fire body. This video shows a continuous-rotary milling process that we only use for marker bodies that have rounded shapes on their sides and top.

Trigger manufacturing. This video is narrated to discuss some details on the process, and I also show some examples of alternate processes. The product shown is an AxePro single trigger.

Shocker beam-break milling modification. I also discuss the eye covers that are custom-made to fit these modified bodies.

Shocker beam-break milling, compound hole activity. This video mostly consists of math discussions with a very small amount of actual machining.

This video shows the prototyping process for a marker grip frame. The frame being developed is the Nummech VLX frame for the Empire Mini-GS marker. This manufacturing process is different from the one we use for production batches, but it's still an interesting video for such a complicated workpiece.

Lightweight milling modifications for Empire Relay ASA.

Finish cuts on my custom Necro-Axe marker.

Finish cuts on my custom Spinal Shocker prototype. This was the first of the "Necro" line of marker body milling.

Engraving process for drop forwards. These parts were made for Team Great Lakes Rangers.

This video shows some of the finish cuts on a prototype Fireaxe marker body.

Four-axis milling on a pair of feednecks. These parts may be small, but they're relatively complicated when compared to other feednecks. We produce these parts in batches of two.

Cutting the front dovetail features on a Nummech classic Axe VL frame.

This video shows the first cuts taken when manufacturing Shocker bodies from scratch.

This video shows the first cuts taken when manufacturing a custom marker body from scratch (TAS Zealot). The video features some pretty heavy roughing operations. This marker was only a prototype.

Finish cuts on a prototype marker body (TAS Zealot).

Some manual milling on this Shocker cutaway project.

CNC Lathe:

Modification for an old-school Ramrod barrel, whereby the barrel was shortened and made into a Freakfront.

Turning a small delrin barrel plug for a modified Ramrod barrel.

Modification for Angel stainless steel hammers, meant to reduce some of their moving mass.

Barrel project for a prototype marker. Unfortunately this video doesn't include the first step of the process (drilling and reaming) but it shows the outside turning activity, then the porting and engraving. Part 1 of 2 (below).

Continuation of the barrel video from above. This video shows the finish honing after the parts are ported in the above video.

Turning a Quest 4B bolt.