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I begun using a wearable camcorder to record any game in which I play since spring of 2010. The camera being used is a VHoldR ContourHD. I've modified it using a special plexiglass protector and mask mount to ensure the best quality and reliability. The videos I post here are in chronological order.
At the very bottom of the page I also have some older videos from 2009 which were recorded with a FireCamII (made for firefighters helmets) which is lower quality. I keep the videos available for funsies even though they're hard to watch after seeing the HD ones.

Living Legends 2010:
CPX Sports, Joliet IL.

These two videos are from opposite sides of the same playfield. One video was from Saturday whereas the other was the next day after we switched. CPX has some great fields to play but the overall layout makes it a poor choice for a Big Game, since 90% of the action divided up here in the middle here.

The Final Battle is one of the best action games I've played! The goal is to climb the frontlines hill and push each of the "slapsticks" toward the other side of the team. In this video I'm taken out about 15 minutes through the game by a flying paint grenade, but upon reinsertio my battery died so I wasn't able to capture any further footage.

Michigan Monster Game 2010:
Hell Survivors, Pinckney MI.

This video actually spans over an hour of footage but I've edited it to the more interesting parts.

THe use of my SuperIon while attacking the castle then attempting to push Westward past it.

A friend of mine took out his Paint-AirBow for once. It was a fun thing to use for a second besides for being pointless. Otherwise I use my trusty remaining Shocker Sport in the remainder of the video.

Tippmann/World Challenge 2010:
Hell Survivors, Pinckney MI.

This tapeline called the Meatgrinder connects the insertion points for each team by a straight shot. This area isn't worth points by itself, and either team is prevented from directly surrounding the other teams' insertion, so this area is honestly nothing more than a paint-wasting zone. I decided to get some action footage so I stomped through the Grinder all by myself until a few other people showed up. Sergio makes an appearance.

Five mintes left in the game, each team was out for blood. I planned a bumrush at the end but it was foiled by the ref.

Several hours worth of scattered footage all from the same area of the field. At one point we were holding the Village but became surrounded by opposing players all around the nearby forests. Soonafter, several specialized "airplane" insertions came through, which cannot be shot but can throw grenades and drop players off at any time. For once in my life I hid behind enemy lines and the results were quite hostile!

Michigan Monster Game 2009 (low-resolution):
Hell Survivors, Pinckney MI. As mentioned these videos were made using a different camera.