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April 14, 2015 - The optoelectronics store section just underwent a large update. All emitter and detector eyes are now available individually and the selection has been expanded to replace some discontinued parts. I also have "side looker" eyes available for many newer markers such as Dye DMs, Eclipse markers, Luxes, Empire Mini/Axe, BT TM, and others.

March 15, 2015 - In my ongoing attempt to keep things up-to-date, I pruned through the Shocker SFT private label listing and updated some of the information to fix outdated errors and wording (past tense on the marker discontinued, etc). I also added dedicated pages for the "rare" PL Shockers, including the Waffle 06 Dynasty, pre-Cup Strange body, and G-Max Shocker. A couple more pages will be added in the future for officla information on Nummech's bodies, although they can also be considered "rare" due to limited demand.

January 15, 2015 - A new addition to my customwork section: Shocker SFT eye covers. This is an updated article meant to replace an original article from 2009.

October 16, 2014 - I recently uploaded an official build page detailing the creation of my legendary Spinal Shocker which was revealed earlier in the summer. If you're a Shocker fan and haven't seen the marker, go check it out right now! There's many pictures and videos of both the manufacturing and finished marker in action. I don't normally post site-wide updates just to mention new pages like this, but the Spinal body is a very special project!

September 13, 2014 - A couple new additions to the site have taken place.
CAD file post - A large number of files have been uploaded over the past few weeks, including several new open source items. Other new files are being added as they come.
Manufacturing in Paintball - This new educational section of the site is devoted to information on how paintball equipment is made. Information is somewhat limited at present, however I'm hoping other developers will choose to share in time.

August 8, 2014 - I've added some new options for relacement trigger microswitches in the store section. Specifically, side-actuated switches are now available in both 25 gram and 80 gram, in both left and right-facing switches. Top-actuated switches are still available in both weight options.

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Personal note from me:
Many of the visitors to the site contact me asking if I'm able to perform any mail-in marker repairs, perhaps after an older marker has been dragged out of the box and returned to the game. Unfortunately the times have changed since I begun this website, and I'm no longer able to perform repairs. The website was obstensively founded on my marker repair and modification business so it's disappointing to me that I no longer have the time or logistics to do it. I would like to try again in the future when I have more free time, however I can't say when/if that will ever happen.

The bad news gets worse. Some of you may remember the thriving online communities and forums that were once available in the past. My sites shockerowners.com, nerveowners.com, and smartpartsowners.com are all three no longer operational, so the closeness and friendliness that we built all these years has also gone by the wayside. These sites were built by we paintballers and our goal was to create a common space to discuss things that interested us, in addition to providing a huge resource for everyone's troubleshooting and repairs of their own. PBnation and TechPB are the heavy hitter websites at the moment, and we also have social sites like facebook, youtube, and reddit; but unfortunately nothing can totally replace the old owners-group site mentality.

I'm sorry things ended up this way, but at least there are still forums out there for those that need them. I only wish I could be more directly helpful with people's repairs and mods as I was in the past, but the years have piled onto us. Savor the good times!
Thanks for reading. -Andrew "Ydna"